Accurate, Insightful Financial Information to Support Your Business Success

AuditAccurate, insightful financial information is critical to every organization, helping owners and managers secure credit and make key operating and investment decisions.

Booth Davis & Associates provides audit and accounting services with individualized attention and an eye on the big picture of your business operations. Our financial experts analyze not only the numbers, but the implications they have on your business—now and in the future. We have a dedicated team of auditors, each of whom earn 40 hours of continuing education per year in this field alone. Our experienced team handles A133, yellow book and HUD audits.

Our firm offer three levels of financial statement services:


An audit offers the highest degree of assurance regarding financial statements and involves significant testing of the underlying financial transactions and a study of the system of internal controls.  It also includes confirmation with outside parties, physical inspection and observation, tracing transactions to supporting documents, and a number of other tests. Our financial experts are experienced auditors including in specialized areas such as non-profit organizations, HUD projects, and for government-funded projects.


In a review, we examine your company's financial statements and issue a report giving you a limited degree of assurance. Essentially, a review is designed to look at the integrity of the financial statements without applying audit-type tests.


A compilation involves taking the financial information provided by your company and compiling it in a financial statement format. A compilation carries no degree of assurance; yet, it is adequate for certain purposes.

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