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We are committed to helping car dealership owners build successful businesses. Our skilled financial experts have years of experience in providing accounting, tax, and consulting services to car dealerships. We understand the unique challenges that those in the automotive sales field face, and we're ready to help with inventory calculations, bonus calculations, consulting and tax planning.

As your trusted advisors, Booth Davis & Associates can work with you throughout the year to evaluate your firm’s performance and to ensure your financial needs are met. Because we cater to the specific requirements of car dealerships, we are able to develop a customized plan to help you measure up against, or even exceed, industry benchmarks. Our critical analysis and practical solutions will identify business trends and opportunities for growth, and help you improve the operations, efficiency, and profitability of your dealership.

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New Full-Service Payroll Department!

We are pleased to announce the rollout of our new full-service payroll department. Booth Davis & Associates is committed to providing the most excellent level of full-service payroll...


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